CADIVI funding limits possibilities

Find what you love to do, and don’t stop doing it. That’s what college is for.

Many students change their major more than once. For example, a biology major may decide to become an architect, after realizing medicine isn’t in the cards.

Although such a change may seem drastic, changing your major is as simple as scheduling an appointment with your academic advisor. But some don’t have this luxury.

More than 200 Venezuelan students at UM may never be able to change their major. This year, the Commission for the Administration of Currency Exchange (CADIVI), which gives funding to these international students, faced significant changes.

These students, who come to the U.S. for better opportunities, are now bound by restrictions back home, more than 1,300 miles away. And for many of these students, their heads are not in sync with their hearts.

With the new changes being implemented by CADIVI, students are no longer able to choose certain career paths. CADIVI limits the concentrations students can choose, if receiving government funding to attend college in the U.S.

While CADIVI does fund basic sciences, health and education, popular majors such as political science, psychology and history are not part of the short list. These students are forced to change their interests on paper because of Venezuela’s policies.

Unfortunately, there is nothing these students can do to change this, unless they plan to attend U.S. universities without assistance from CADIVI. Tuition for international students is already significantly higher than for residents or out-of-state students, even with government aid.

Though some of these students may want to return home after graduation, that is not always the case.

Venezuelan students should have the option to apply for alternative sources of financial aid from U.S. universities or their own country. Otherwise, scholarships should be available for international students who want to study in the U.S.

With heightened awareness, these ideas could become a reality. There is strength in numbers, and college campuses should work together to promote this cause.

For those of you who are able to change your major, be thankful there are no limitations to your education, besides wanting to graduate on time. Other UM students are only left to dream.


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