Dear V, I want to watch a show before I put on a show…

Dear V,

I caught my boyfriend watching porn the other day. While I’m not opposed to watching it myself, I find that I want to watch it with him – I think there’s no better foreplay. Do you think he’d go for it? How do I bring it up?



Dear Horny Porn Queen,

Is the sky blue? Is grass green? Does V love sex? Of course he’ll go for it! Getting to watch the dirty right before getting dirty is, like you said, great foreplay. Watching porn before you guys do it is your boyfriend’s dream come true. And it might give you two a few new moves you want to test out under the covers (or in the shower, or on the desk).
When you bring it up, however, don’t just take a seat next to him and watch him do his thing. Sex is about you too, so get into it babe. Do your research. And definitely don’t bring it up while you’re already getting hot and heavy, because then you’ve missed the mark. Find a time when you two are just relaxing – maybe watching a non-X-rated movie – and just ask. “Hey, I was thinking we should watch porn together some time.” Then watch his pants grow.
Give him a little incentive as well. Offer to imitate the video after (or during, if it’s getting you that hot). While he might not need a ton of convincing, knowing what’s to come might completely turn him on (pun very much intended) to the idea.
Remember to pick a good movie, too. Continuously looping Sharon Stone’s infamous “Basic Instinct” scene isn’t going to cut it. Do your sexy research and see what turns you on the most. Pick that. Guys don’t have that much of a preference: boobs are boobs.
Now, if your boyfriend isn’t keen on the idea for some crazy reason, I’m sorry. But it is possible that he’s one of those people that only likes to watch porn by himself. If that’s the case, just make sure he doesn’t start ditching you for porn; then we’ve got another sticky situation on our hands. Literally.