Action Item warms up crowd for Owl City

Drummer Dan Brozek took the stage at Revolution Live on Saturday night before the rest of his bandmates from Action Item. The crowd in the pit, mostly teenage girls, roared through his opening solo while lead singer Brian Cag, keyboardist Mark Shami, bassist David Buckowski and guitarist Anthony Li walked onstage.

Brozek’s solo transitioned into the start of Action Item’s set with “Marching Band.” And the screams continued as they ended their first song with a bang … literally. The rest of the band joined Brozek on percussion, creating a drumline that even made couples in their 30s cheer.

If you checked out a picture of Action Item, you’d most likely think to yourself, “Just another boyband.” But the band’s live show proves otherwise. Each member’s creativity and talent shines throughout their set. Cag knows how to own a crowd and his energy was through the roof during “Learn To Fly” and the band’s new single, “Last Day of Summer.”

And it’s safe to say that the boys are just as charming as they are talented. In the middle of their set, Li told the crowd about some of the embarrassing pictures he has seen of himself on Twitter and Facebook. “We get really into the music and sometimes we don’t look good on stage,” he laughs. The band then gave the audience a picture op with each member doing his best rockstar pose.

Cag announced the end of their 30-minute set with a cover of The Wanted’s “Glad You Came,” which was even better than the original version.