Take a journey to self-discovery

The importance of traveling is rarely stressed until one gets to college.

There are multiple opportunities to study abroad in a plethora of places: Australia, Japan, the Galapagos Islands and so many more. But what is it about exploration that students are asked to venture further into the world beyond the journey to college itself? It lies in the simple lesson of undergrad: self-discovery.

Beginning at a young age, reading is heavily encouraged. It provides a place of peace and refuge, a place where one is free to be whomever they choose and to lose oneself in another world.

Exploration of the mind lies in books, but exploration of the body lies in the world.

This world is filled with unfathomable possibilities, overflowing with opportunities, and in them lie the secrets of one’s fate, the secrets of who we are to become.

College grants the privilege of not only immersing oneself in a book, but instead, immersing oneself in culture: inhaling the life of its inhabitants and exhaling the wonder thought only to be imaginary.

The lessons from such an extravagant excavation are most valuable to self-discovery. One could leave to Rome as an engineer, and return an architect with the desire to design cathedrals as great as Michelangelo. Passion is not just an emotion, but a realization.

Delving into the inner workings of one’s dreams and aspirations can be intimidating, but if those dreams aren’t scary, then those dreams aren’t big enough.  It is not fear of failing that holds people back, but fear of success and fear that one may actually thrive in life and not just settle with what they think they are capable of.

Everyone is meant for greatness but most are too timid to find it within themselves. So take advantage of the adventure that waits. Be brave and find yourself. Travel.

Alanna Phillips is a sophomore majoring in Athletic Training.