GOLDHOUSE drops new EP, continues to impress

The next time you’re getting ready for your night out on South Beach, you might want to pull up GOLDHOUSE’s most recent EP, “All Night Long,” on iTunes. The Chicago singer-songwriter, also known as Grant Harris, recently dropped another catchy album that you won’t want to stop playing.

The sound on this EP is similar to Harris’ past work as Breathe Electric. But his new identity brings better beats … if that’s even possible. The tracks are mainly electronic with some elements of pop rock.

The EP’s strongest track, “Last One You Love,” is a re-release of Breathe Electric’s track. It’s reminiscent of pop rock band Metro Station’s sound.

But the rest of the album is solid as well. The first track, “F-C-K,” wins you over with its not-so-subtle and witty lyrics: “I’ve got the F-C-K, all I need is U.”

“What If?” wasn’t a highlight for me, but it’ll still get your foot tapping. “Take Off Your Halo” has a similar sound to “What If?,” but the lyrics are catchier: “Because you’re a good girl every day of the week/And now you need a release/That’s why you’re rockin’ with me.” These club jams will be on repeat for days.

“Dreamin” brings a change of pace. The mellow track will draw listeners in with its poetic lyrics. The electronic elements that are present in the other tracks aren’t as dominant in “Dreamin,” which is a good thing considering the more serious lyrics.

If you’re looking for another slow track on GOLDHOUSE’s EP, “The Moment” is what you’ll want to listen to. The sound on this track parallels Owl City. But the lyrics aren’t memorable enough … maybe too tame this time around, especially in comparison to “Dreamin.”

“Talk to Me” might just be my favorite on the album. It’s the perfect blend between the upbeat and mellow tracks on “All Night Long.” And the chorus will be stuck in your head forever. I guarantee it.

Although Harris’ new EP mirrors his previous works, his infectious beats are better than ever. Why fix what isn’t broken?