Applications to go abroad take a turn for the digital

The office of International Education and Exchange Programs (IEEP) recently refurbished the application process for admission to participate in study abroad programs.

Students interested in applying to study abroad programs can now submit applications online. The virtual system boasts several benefits, and will allow students to keep track of their documents via a user-friendly system.

The applications to study abroad still require students to answer the same questions and meet the former standards for admission. According to Jonathan Dillow, the assistant director for IEEP, the only difference exists in the way students are required to submit applications.

The office of IEEP will no longer accept paper applications or recommendations. Exceptions to this new rule must be previously discussed with a study abroad coordinator.

Applications for long-term study abroad programs should be accompanied by an electronic approval from their academic advisors and two additional electronic recommendations from faculty members.

With the new online application system, students may submit recommendation letter requests to faculty members. After faculty members complete the recommendations, they may be assured that the letters are uploaded to a secure site.

Prior to completing the online application, students must meet with their academic advisor. The application is not available for completion until that requisite has been met.

According to Dillow, the office decided to move to an online application in order to reduce paperwork and “streamline” the office’s processes.

Allowing students to submit applications online application should also resemble how the new generation uses technology for most applications.

“We want students to interact with our office like they interact with each other,” he said.

The online application will only be available for programs that the IEEP office facilitates. Students who wish to apply to outside programs must discuss the programs with their academic advisor prior to applying.

For more information on applying online and a list of the IEEP’s programs, visit