Associate Director for Residential Life provides first-year residents advice

Hecht and Stanford Residential Colleges, and an entire floor located in Mahoney and Pearson Residential Colleges, currently house all first-year students. First-year students live together in a community specifically dedicated to their academic success.

Student staff, including both sets of Resident Assistants (RA) and Academic Fellows (AF), live on designated floors and work with the students to create communities that assist them with transitioning to the University of Miami, learning about campus and academic resources, and maximizing their learning experiences at UM. Students meet both their RA and AF during move-in. These student leaders also travel with them through first-year student orientation sessions and activities.

The Residential First Year Experience at the UM is a collaborative effort to give students the resources and support they need to make a smooth transition to campus. The programs and services help students learn to navigate campus, its available resources and the different ways to address issues common to first-year students.

As a resident student, there are myriad options and activities available.  One of the benefits of living on campus at the University of Miami is being part of a residential college system, widely regarded as a superior model of an on-campus living experience.  From social gatherings to sports activities to educational opportunities, students often have to look no further than their residential college to get involved, make new friends and have fun.  For example, students undecided about their major could stop by and visit with an Academic and Career Advisor in Residence or the faculty members living in your building to discuss possible options for their studies.

Another of the several First Year Experience initiatives geared toward helping new students and their academic success is through an online program known as MAP-Works. The goal of MAP-Works is to assist faculty and staff to identify areas in which students may need extra assistance.  MAP-Works connects faculty and staff to students. Through the MAP-Works interface, student survey results are instantly available to faculty and staff members, which include academic advisors, first-year seminar instructors and residential life staff, so they may identify at-risk students.

The world of residential living provides a robust experience aimed at student success.  Everyone at the university is committed to ensuring that students receive the skills and support necessary to compete in today’s challenging global marketplace.  As a student, be sure to ask the RA or other faculty members to learn more about the available resources or ways to become more involved.