Dean’s Student Circle, Peer Mentor Programs cater to students’ needs

School of Communication (SoC) students can benefit from the joint Dean’s Student Circle Peer Mentor program starting in the fall.

Previously, members of the Dean’s Student Circle met with prospective freshmen and their families to share information and provide tours of the SoC. In addition, the Peer Mentoring program allowed peer mentors and mentees to interact with each other and engage in various school-sponsored events.

Now, both groups are joining in order to better cater to SoC student needs.

“The groups are joining to enhance School of Communication student involvement,” said Laura Brill, the program coordinator for professional development, internships and alumni relations at the SoC.

The new Dean’s Student Circle Peer Mentors will assist in orientation, participate in special events in the SoC, mentor freshmen and transfer students, and give tours of the Communication buildings to prospective students and their families, according to Brill.

Mentoring specifically will involve helping new students with advising and course registration, as well as checking in on them throughout the year to answer any questions they may have. Freshmen and transfer students can apply for a mentor at the beginning of the semester and will most likely be matched with a student of the same major.

“Our goal for the new program is to have peer mentors act as a support to incoming students by sharing their knowledge and academic experiences with the mentees,” Brill said. “This connection will also help new students adapt to college life and transition to the School of Communication.”

Deborah Rolf, a chair of the Dean’s Student Circle program, said she initially got involved with the program because it seemed like a good way to get to know SoC faculty members with whom she would not normally have been in contact.

“I’ve liked it a lot, it has given me some good experience with public speaking,” Rolf said. “And I like that I get to give back to the School of Communication.”

Dean’s Student Circle Peer Mentors reap added perks as well. These include an early move-in date, early registration and business cards.

“The program is a wonderful opportunity for current students to get more involved in the School of Communication,” Brill said. “It is also a great way for incoming freshmen and transfer students to learn more about all of the opportunities the School of Communication offers.”

To learn more about the program and mentor application requirements, visit the organization’s website.