South Beach has alternative appeal

Espanola Way was coined by N.B.T. Roney in 1925 as "The Historic Village". The village is modeled after villages of Spain and France. In the late 1920's it also served as a gamblind destination. Marlena Skrobe//Photo Editor

Everyone knows South Beach is a nightlife capital, home to some of the most exciting clubs in the world. But South Beach also offers a myriad of activities for people who desire something different. Here are the top 10 things to do to experience the alternative South Beach scene.

Rollerblade or walk down the boardwalk along Ocean Drive. From South Pointe until 15th Street, Ocean Drive runs right along the beach. The popular street is great for people watching. You’ll also get to check out the famous and colorful art deco buildings.


Have breakfast or lunch at Big Pink. This delicious diner-style restaurant offers big portions of comfort foods, like buckets of fries and giant plates of meatloaf with mashed potatoes. You can enjoy your food inside or outside. Just don’t forget to take your leftovers home, because there will definitely be leftovers.

Big Pink is located at 157 Collins Ave.


Grab a cafe con leche at David’s Cafe. With one location just off Meridian Avenue and Lincoln Road, this cafe serves up Cuban cuisine and friendly service and it’s open 24/7.

David’s Cafe has two locations at 1654 Meridian Ave. and 1058 Collins Ave.


Watch a movie outdoors at Miami Beach Soundscape Park. Pick up a blanket or a lawn chair, and meet up with some friends to watch a free movie on a Wednesday night. Reminiscent of retro drive-in movie theaters, Cinema Series Wallcasts show movies like “Avatar,” “Grease” and Disney’s “Fantasia.” Movies are screened on the side of the New World Symphony building.

Soundscape Park is located at 400 17th St.


Do yoga on the beach. Switch up your fitness routine with these free classes. Participants choose between a sunrise yoga class at 7 a.m. or a sunset class at 5 p.m. every day of the week. Don’t forget your towel, water and sunscreen! Namaste.

Yoga classes are located on Third Street Beach.


Relax at Nikki Beach Club. This St. Tropez-style complex has oceanside cabanas to create a relaxed ambiance for its visitors. Offering a wide variety of mojitos and frozen drinks, it is the perfect spot to sip cocktails with friends on a lazy Saturday or Sunday.

Nikki Beach Club is located at 1 Ocean Drive.


Play Sunday night bingo at the Standard Hotel.  Games are free and go from 8:30 p.m. to midnight. Prizes range from hotel stays to massages, spa treatments and even a date with a fellow player.

The Standard Hotel is located at 40 Island Ave.


Visit the picturesque and historical Espanola Way. This charming neighborhood is less touristy and more bohemian than other areas of South Beach. Stroll by some art at Espanola Way Art Center and Marcel Gallery, and grab a crepe at the outdoor French cafe, A La Folie.

Espanola Way is located between 15th Street and 14th Street just west of Washington Avenue.


Experience the World Erotic Art Museum. Located at the corner of Washington Avenue and 12th street, this museum is home to the largest collection of erotic art in America. Bring your student ID to get in for $13.50 and receive a unique educational experience of art through the ages.

World Erotic Art Museum is located at 1205 Washington Ave.


Treat yourself to dessert at The Frieze Factory. With so many frozen yogurt spots in Florida, Frieze is famous for its diverse selection of homemade ice cream and sorbets. Located off Lincoln Road, Frieze offers Indian mango, lychee, guava or green tea flavors, perfect for after a hot beach day.

The Frieze is located at 1626 N. Michigan Ave.