Pictures worth 1,000 words

Pinterest is the new addiction because its potential uses are limitless. With an account, users can “pin” pictures of interesting things they come across on the website and organize them into labeled folders or “boards.”

Better yet, the pictures will lead you to websites with related content. Craving that garlic lemon pasta you just scrolled past? Click the photo to get the recipe. With a little creativity, Pinterest can be as useful for planning as it is for procrastinating while you’re studying for tomorrow’s math exam.

The food

Chocolate-covered pretzels, tomato and avocado grilled cheese sandwiches, and chicken enchilada pasta are just some of the delicious recipes you can find on Pinterest. Look under the “Food and Drinks” tab to find mouthwatering recipes, or search for one you already have in mind. The pictures themselves are so enticing, they are enough to make you hungry. And there’s more than just the traditional recipes. Green tea cupcakes and lavender flower jelly, anyone?


If you’re dreaming of backpacking after graduation or just taking a weekend getaway with some friends, turn to Pinterest for interesting places to visit.  Discover new destinations or check out specific spots you have in mind. Search “Italy” to find photos of popular landmarks and start planning your visit.

Work it out

It’s only natural for exercise routines to get boring. But Pinterest offers regimens that’ll keep you busy. Look up “workout plans” or “exercise” in the search engine to find basic routines or a plan to get those summer abs.

Bucket list

Pin up pictures of sky diving, the beautiful French Riviera, or New Year’s Eve in Times Square onto your board. Find new things to add to your list that might have never have occurred to you, like running a marathon or diving in the Great Barrier Reef. A constant visual reminder of your goals is a good way to motivate you to achieve them.