Negativity obstructs possibilities

Life is a sequence of obstacles, each one a test you must pass or fail. When we make mistakes during the process of overcoming those barriers, we often beat ourselves up over them.

At times we even point the proverbial gun toward ourselves as we wish we could have acted or reacted differently to past situations. We obsess about all the possible outcomes for the courses of action we could have taken to change the past.

Whether you did something right or wrong does not matter. The past actions of others matter less than the way you currently react to them. What matters most is the interpretation of those events and the knowledge gained from those experiences. I firmly believe that most of mankind’s problems spring from the misinterpretation of the intent behind actions and words. I know enough about myself to know that is the case.

Perception is the window of the mind. Like a window, it must be protected by some sort of tint, but not so much so that it blocks the passing light. Perception must also be cleaned regularly to prevent the buildup of gunk.

Negativity will obstruct your vision from the positives. In order to keep your mind fresh, you need to leave it open once in a while.

An open mind is the gateway for positive motivation and personal development. Don’t use the window’s reflective surface to look back at the negative elements of your past with anger.

Instead, take all your errors in stride, without hubris or pride. Confide in yourself as others do and rest assured that all will be OK. Every dusk has its dawn, you just need to survive the night. And you can.

Learn from every experience. Take accountability for your part, no matter how small, and accept the consequences. Honesty is the first step in the search for inner-peace. Peace and knowledge then intertwine, creating the glory that is wisdom.

Andrew Blitman is a senior majoring in biology.