Dear V: It gets steamier when he’s fuming…

 Dear V,

This is going to sound really wrong, but I love to start fights with my boyfriend. I would guesstimate that I piss him off three or four times a month. We always end up having amazing angry sex, and I love it. Am I wrong for making him angry just for my satisfaction?  


I love it when he screams


Dear Patty Hearst,

I’m not going to lie, that’s pretty effed up. I don’t know what kind of sexual tantrums your boyfriend throws, but they must be pretty wild for you to be intentionally doing things to get him mad.

I take it you won’t be signing him up for anger management classes any time soon.

Do you enjoy the sex more because of the emotional feeling that you are mending your relationship, or is he just better in the sack when he’s all riled up?

Whatever the reason, you don’t need to get him pissed to have good sex.

I’m sure if you tell him that you physically enjoy him angry in bed, he can replicate aspects of what he does, without you actually getting the blood in his penis boiling.

If it’s the emotional aspect of it, learn to role play. Wear a naughty school girl outfit and he can be your high school math teacher. Pretend you’re turning in a late assignment.

And just because that’s my favorite scenario doesn’t mean there aren’t lots of others for you two.

To be honest, I’m actually slightly surprised that you have to try to piss off your boyfriend. I would think that any girl who uses the word “guesstimate” is already pretty damn annoying.

Maybe what you need to try is sexually angering your man. Deny him what he wants and he may give you the aggression you desire.


Keep down the yelling! You’re waking the neighbors!