Dear V: I may have a fetish for power…

Dear V, 

I had the pleasure of meeting the new Student Government president a few weeks ago. And let me tell you, it was a pleasure. Now I feel like I see her all the time, whether I’m walking across campus or at work. But would she ever notice me? What’s a guy to do?




Attracted to Power



Dear Future First Boyfriend,


Woah there, cowboy. Let’s pull in the reins a bit. And I don’t mean those reins.

Are you into her because you like her or just because you’ve got a thing for a lady who knows how to take charge? There’s far more to a relationship than being turned on by a title.

How much do you know about our new president? I’m sure Ms. Alawa is a fine upstanding woman, but if you’ve only spoken to her one time, it might be lust instead of love.

I’m willing to bet my sex life that the schedule of an SG president is probably extremely busy. You have to be willing to accept that she might not be able to give you her full attention with all of the commitments she has taken on. Are you ready for that in a relationship?

Then again, there might not be anything wrong with being attracted to someone with a drive and passion for making a difference.

It takes a certain level of charisma, talent and people skills to be elected president, and those are definitely respectable characteristics.

There’s nothing wrong with saying hello to her while you’re at work or when you see her around campus. After all, she is your president now too. Take a look at what her campaign platforms were and strike up a conversation about one of them the next time you see her.

She’ll probably appreciate that you’re interested in her work. In fact, I’ll even do a bit of digging for you from the profile the Hurricane did on her while she was campaigning: the Spring BBQ Kickoff, a computer lab in Memorial, and something called Rub the Ibis. Maybe you can eventually find out what exactly that last one means, if you get what I’m sayin’…

Most importantly, stop the school-boy crush, and find out if you like her more than you like her new title and power.


How much does she “inspire” U?