Musical numbers capture essence of the characters, plot

The most recent production at Actors’ Playhouse has a little something for everyone.

“Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’s” talented cast tells a Biblical story through various styles of choreography and genres of music. Told by a narrator, the musical is based on a story from the Book of Genesis about Jacob and his 12 sons, including Joseph.

Jealous of the attention their father gives to Joseph, his 11 brothers sell him to Ishmaelites as a slave. While the brothers celebrate his absence, Joseph climbs the hierarchical ladder until he’s second only to Egypt’s pharaoh.

The musical effectively manages to tell the uplifting story through song without any spoken dialogue. Ranging from country to calypso, the numbers keep the audience entertained.

The songs effortlessly capture the characters’ emotions and the narrative. Other catchy tunes, like “Those Canaan Days” and “Benjamin Calypso,” add humor to the musical, especially Pharaoh’s impersonation of Elvis Presley.

Not only do the cast members shine with their vocals, but also through the intricate choreography. The actors spent a lot of time rehearsing in the theater to perfect the musical numbers.

“Once we got to tech, we were there usually about 12 hours a day,” said Nick Duckart, who plays Pharaoh. “We were rehearsing the show during the day and then performing the show at night. So we were in the theater pretty much all the time.”

While the performance highlights the cast members’ abilities, their chemistry truly engages the audience.

“We have an amazing team assembled for this show,” said Josh Canfield, who plays Joseph. “I think the energy that we all give it really comes through to the audience. It makes the audience have more fun because everyone is so talented that they’re loving the parts that they bring to it.”