Diplo drops a beat

After a year packed with rap, hip-hop and rock n’ roll, electronic DJ Diplo will spin at the BankUnited Center on April 12 for students, faculty and staff.

“He’s a really good DJ and is going to be perfect for what the student body has been asking for,” said Kris Martin, Hurricane Productions’ (HP) president of concerts.

Martin said that he looks for artists who are accessible, popular and easy to work with. He has worked with Diplo in the past and believed he was a good choice.

“He really enjoys playing to his fanbase, which are college kids,” he said.

The event is free. Currently, HP plans to give away 3,500 tickets, but the event can be expanded to 7,000 depending on demand, Martin said.

Tickets will be available at the University Center Ticketmaster window starting at 8:30 a.m. on March 26. One ticket per student will be allowed. If tickets remain, students will be able to pick up one additonal free ticket beginning April 2. Faculty and staff will also be allowed to pick up two free tickets beginning April 2.

Diplo is selective about which universities he will play at, according to Martin.

“We’re lucky he said yes,” Martin said.

According to Martin, Hurricane Productions took student considerations into account while booking the DJ. The group looked at the survey conducted during Homecoming and saw a high demand for electronic music.

“We really strived to achieve a universal acceptance of who’s coming to campus,” Martin said.

And many students are indeed excited for the show.

“His music is sick,” sophomore Sara Marin said. “It’s great that UM is bringing him because he’s just as big as any huge artist who would be too expensive to go see at any club in Miami. It’s like a really awesome gift to see him, especially if you couldn’t afford to go to Ultra.”

Others, however, were content with the hip-hop heavy music choices before.

“I thought that it was good when they brought hip-hop artists,” sophomore Christopher Hurst said. “I felt that more people could relate to that.”

Despite being unfamiliar with Diplo’s music, Hurst said he understands the change.

“It’s appropriate for this school because everyone goes to Ultra,” Hurst said. “I just don’t really have that much interest in it.”