100 Montaditos offers affordable taste of Spain

100 Montaditos offers a large variety of small sandwiches, from salmon and cream cheese to barbecue pulled pork. On Wednesdays, most menu items cost just $1. Natalie Edgar//Photo Editor

First was Midtown. Then came South Beach. And now 100 Montaditos, a popular eatery straight from Spain, has made its way to South Miami.

Just a few steps from Ra Sushi, restaurant managers hope to grab the attention of University of Miami students and South Miami residents alike. With tapas-style dining options and Mahou beer imported directly from Spain, it offers what most restaurants nearby cannot: delicious fare at a more than affordable price (“montaditos” range between $1 and $3 each).

The staff at 100 Montaditos takes pride in the restaurant’s Spanish origin and the “montadito,” the small-scale sandwich behind the restaurant’s name. Exactly 100 of these appetizing sandwiches are on the menu and offer a unique array of selections, including grilled chicken drizzled with Caesar dressing and shrimp covered in mojo sauce. Though most of the choices include some form of meat and cheese, the milk chocolate and dulce de leche montaditos are perfect for dessert. And for those seeking healthier options, a selection of five salads is available.

Though different in pricing, the restaurant’s opening is part of a larger movement of Spanish-influenced food making its way into Miami. Just recently, Cavas Restaurant opened in Coral Gables and Barceloneta hit South Beach, along with plenty of live music and flamenco dancers.

Montaditos’ newest location was selected for the South Miami community’s vibrancy and its proximity to UM, according to Juan Dilan, director of operations at 100 Montaditos.

“We appreciate being around the university because a big part of our demographic are people that are around the university age,” Dilan said. “In all of our locations we try to be in the vicinity of major colleges and universities as anchors.”

From Spain to Miami, each 100 Montaditos location offers all of the menu items (including beer) for just $1 each all day on Wednesdays. According to Dilan, the weekly offer usually attracts large sums of university students.

“We’re very happy to be in South Florida and we look forward to growing throughout the United States,” Dilan said. “We have seen every week increments of growth in terms of the college students.”

For now, there are three 100 Montaditos locations already open in Miami-Dade County, but Dilan plans to open 20 more locations in South Florida within the next year.

100 Mondatitos is located at 5829 SW 73rd St in South Miami.