Miami Ballroom hosts Dancing with the UMiami Stars

Miami Ballroom, a latin and ballroom dance organization, is hosting its second annual Dancing with the UMiami Stars competition this Saturday at 7 p.m. at the UC Patio. The stars include SG President Brandon Mitchell and Kaos President Julianne Byun.

“They’ve been practicing for weeks,” said Tayler White, the public relations chair. “It’s all in the spirit of fun. The day of the show we’ll have professional judges to critique, but in the end it’s a showcase, and the audience will determine the overall winner.”

Shannon Bartlett, president of Hurricane Productions, said she is excited and nervous as she prepares for the big event.

“I’ve danced a little before, never ballroom dancing, but practices are always fun and I love learning all the new steps and moves. I’m nervous to dance in heels, but I can’t wait for all my friends to see all the work we’ve been putting into the event,” she said.

Miami Ballroom President Victoria Humphrey, who is Miss UM 2011, is also anticipating the big night.

“I really look forward to going to practice each week and having this unique opportunity to develop new and unique skills, my talent for the pageant was a jazz dance, but I have never had the opportunity to ballroom dance before,” she said. “I’m excited to showcase all my hard work.”

Miami Ballroom also offers weekly dance lessons to anyone who wishes to participate. White says the experience is rewarding and encourages students to give it a try.

“We welcome all different skill levels and styles, from beginner to advanced dancers, latin or standard, and it’s never too late to join,” she said.

Students can participate in lessons on a walk-in basis and all lessons are free.

So far the organization has 65 active members and it is steadily growing. Last years’ Dancing with the UMiami Stars was the biggest event put on by a student organization.