Recycling machines remain unnoticed

Junior Wistaria Xu recycles a plastic water bottle at the Memorial recycling machine. Vincent Fung//The Miami Hurricane

Recycling cans and bottles on campus can now be done more efficiently.

Green U, in conjuction with Coca-Cola, introduced recycling machines last semester. The machines empty cans and bottles so they are ready for the recycling stream and can be made into new products. They are currently on the first and second floors of the Dooley Memorial Building.

However, few students are aware of their existence.

“I haven’t heard about it, but I think it’s a really good idea,” senior Rachel Hamer said.

The machines are part of larger recycling initiatives by Green U to help spread student awareness and begin a green trend on campus.

Green U’s mission is to increase university-wide sustainability and to educate the community to be ambassadors of the environment.

With recycling as one of its main goals, Green U partnered with Coca-Cola last fall and devised a recycling machine that would benefit the campus and help the university achieve its environmental benchmarks.

“They had a proposition for us and I was really intrigued as I knew Pepsi had recycling machines, which allowed you to gain points and receive prizes,” said Ian McKeown, UM’s Sustainability Coordinator.

The machines were installed last fall. McKeown said he felt this was a good place to trial the machines because many students have classes in Memorial and they were conveniently placed next to vending machines.

“The machines are still on a pilot at the moment to see how it goes,” McKeown said. “We are still waiting on figures to reveal the success of the machines to see if this is something we would possibly like to develop and expand on.”