‘Inspired by U’ wins Student Government election

Surrounded by their "Inspired by U" supporters, the new SGA Vice President-elect and President-elect, Caitlin Giles and Nawara Alawa, cheer after their ticket was announced to have won the election. The results took place on the Rock at 12pm on Friday. Marlena Skrobe//Photo Editor

In a close race, the “Inspired by U” ticket defeated “Think B.I.G.” and won all three positions on the Student Government executive board Friday afternoon.

Treasurer-elect Kenneth Esman and Vice President-elect Catilin Giles beat Ian Bai and Emily Stanch of “Think B.I.G.,”  respectively by 126 and 127 votes. President-elect Nawara Alawa beat Parket Barnett, the presidential candidate on “Think B.I.G.” by only 61 votes.

According to SG Press Secretary Mike Piacentino, there would have been a run-off election had Alawa received 19 less votes.

Barnett believes his ticket ran a “strong” campaign.

“I think there were two strong SG campaigns,” he said. “We had a small workforce, we focused on untraditional techniques, we wrote individual letters for sorority members, we handed out food and told students to come out and vote. The voting was close and they were both successful.”

With a win in hand, Alawa is proud of her “Inspired by U” ticket.

“I couldn’t have done it without my team,” she said.

The results were announced two days after both tickets were accused of allegedly violating election code regulations. A trial Thursday night found “Think B.I.G.” guilty of graphic campaigning in the University Center areas surrounding the polling booths. The ticket was given 18 points for the violation, which was combined with a previous violation to amount to a total of 19 points.

The accumulation of 20 points disqualifies any independent candidate, ticket or referendum, according to Associate Chief Justice Sean Norris of the SG Supreme Court.

“Inspired by U” was accused of allegedly using an office in the University Center, more specifically the Student Government office, as a campaign base. The ticket was found not guilty and no points were issued.

“If anything, the blip in the road, the trial, made our team stronger,” Alawa said. “Proving we were innocent showed we had a clean campaign. We knew exactly what we stood for, no matter which way the election went.”

Now, Alawa’s first step is to start preparing for next year.

“We want to make sure we’re transitioned right and that we’re well equipped to move forward for next year,” she said.

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February 24, 2012


Alysha Khan

Online Editor

4 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “‘Inspired by U’ wins Student Government election”

  1. Shasha says:

    Congrats Nawara, I was sure you will do well, after all, somebody with your qualification deserve to be a leader.
    I am proud of you.

  2. Inspired says:

    As someone who was a member of the Inspired By U campaign I can testify that if any violations happened it was not the fault of Nawara, Caitlin, or Kenny….At every single meeting we had they preached integrity and doing the right thing. Also if Parker was taking those violations to trial he should have filed everything he had…what is the point of filing just one thing that was a very weak accusation at best?

  3. Anonymous says:

    “Proving we were innocent showed we had a clean campaign. We knew exactly what we stood for, no matter which way the election went.”

    Really? This was one of the dirtiest, most unfair and biased elections that I have ever witnessed in four years. If Inspired by U’s behavior does not violate any of these “codes,” then something seriously needs to be done to update them before the next election.

    Congratulations to Inspired by U (I voted for 2/3 of you and trust in your abilities), but was that quote really necessary? Your “innocence” and the amount of points accumulated mean nothing when the other ticket did not actually file any of the numerous claims they had of you blatantly, illegally campaigning.

  4. anonymous says:

    Good luck Inspired By U with your endeavors, it will take a lot of “hard” work to follow through with your initiatives that have already in the works of being completed prior to your win.

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