Staff Editorial 2/23: Housing woes can be overcome

Many people play the lottery, but not everyone wins the jackpot. A housing lottery is just the same.

This is the third year that a housing lottery has been implemented at the University of Miami. On Jan. 27, students were given the opportunity to opt-in for Mahoney, Pearson or Eaton suite-style dormitories. The University Village apartments were also available as an option.

The lottery results have been announced, and 17 percent of students did not receive guaranteed housing as of now. Suddenly, students feel the need to be outraged and upset with the Department of Housing and Residential life when they knew that housing – because it is a lottery – is not guaranteed.

From the moment that opting in was an option, students were (or should have been) aware that they were not guaranteed a suite on campus or an apartment at the UV.

Complaining is futile. Instead, use the resources provided by the Department of Housing and Residential Life. This department is here to serve students who need on- or off-campus living assistance. There is an off-campus coordinator, Nora Villegas, available to help students in this situation.

The housing website,, also provides links and information to off-campus apartments, efficiencies and rooms readily available for rent.

Rather than forming a resistance and wasting time, be productive and find somewhere to live next year.

And let’s not forget, it is only February and there is still ample time to find housing. A roof over your head is assured until the end of the spring semester, which gives students three months to figure something out.

Not to mention, last year’s 100 students who did not receive housing in the lottery were accommodated by the end of the spring semester. Although it is not guaranteed that the same will happen to this year’s 496 students who did not receive housing in the lottery, the possibility  should substantially relieve those who are nervous, overwhelmed or worried.

Another important factor to keep in mind is that a number of the 83 percent of students who applied for and received housing for next year may opt out and choose to live elsewhere.

The point is: The housing process is nowhere near finalized. Why panic now? Instead, relax and plan ahead.

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