Obama to speak about energy policy, tour UM College of Engineering

President Barack Obama will be speaking at the University of Miami on Thursday afternoon at the BankUnited Center Fieldhouse.

Obama will be speaking about the United States’ energy policy, according to James Tien, dean of UM’s College of Engineering. Before his speech, the president will receive a tour of the college, as well as a demo of an in-house project focused on energy efficiency.

The purpose of the project, the Industrial Assessment Center, is to monitor and analyze local businesses’ energy usage. In its 13 years of existence, the Industrial Assessment Center has given recommendations to more than 200 South Florida corporations about how they can increase energy efficiency. The project is federally funded and is led by CoE Professor Shihab Asfour.

Tien said that the Industrial Assessment Center could serve as an inspiration for Obama’s federal energy policy.

“You don’t have to get more oil, you can save oil and then extend the lifeline of oil for a long time,” Tien said. “It’s all about energy saving.”

However, as Obama tours the CoE’s facilities, the building and the surrounding area will be on lockdown. Only a handful of people will be allowed in the building while the president is there, Tien said.

Following the tour, Obama will make his speech at the Fieldhouse. Doors will open at 11:45 a.m. The event will be primarily standing only and attendees will be subject to airport-like security. The event will be open solely to students and a valid Cane Card is required for entry.

Travel around the university will be difficult because typically many streets are closed off while the president’s motorcade is in the area.

Tickets for Obama’s appearance on Thursday will become available Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. That day, undergraduate, law and graduate students at the Coral Gables campus can pick up one ticket per Cane Card at the University Center Ticketmaster window; Miller School of Medicine medical students can pick up their tickets in room 2019 of the Rosenstiel Medical Science Building in the Office of Student Activities; Miller School graduate students can pick up their tickets in room 650 of the Clinical Research building at 1120 NW 14th St.; Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science students can pick up their tickets in SLAB 132 of the Graduate Studies Office at 4600 Rickenbacker Causeway.

With Obama vying for reelection, the president will be pushing forward with his campaign in Florida by attending fundraisers this week in South Florida seeking cash and electoral votes. According to The Miami Herald, he will be attending a fundraiser at the Biltmore Hotel and at the home of Chris Korge, a Democratic fundraiser. Afterward, Obama will fly to Orlando for another fundraising dinner.

February 20, 2012


Alexa Lopez


8 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Obama to speak about energy policy, tour UM College of Engineering”

  1. Ardi Shooki says:

    I think more focos should be made on the UM College of Engineering and challenge their bright
    engineering students to come up with innovative technology to address the disastrous energy
    situation in this country. It would be more productive to fantasize creatively than talking about political money contributions and racism. For example, is there a way to capture and harness the energy of
    biogenerated methane gas from the mother load in the senate and congress. It is useless to
    to criticize the president for being a prolific generator. Technology could turn this trait into
    an asset.

  2. Jordan says:

    Jack, the Obama campaign gets 98% of contributions from people who donate under $250 at a time. But it is necessary to have a PAC to compete against the likes of Romney and Gingrich who will have millions in their PAC’s. It wouldn’t be fair to compete on a different level as the Republican candidates, who are absolutely fine with soft money, including “corporations are people too” Mitt Romney. And the Koch’s pledged $100 million dollars to defeat Obama.
    OFA intern

  3. David says:

    Just think how all these millions could have helped the people that lost their homes due to poor CEO’s running shady bank practices. Its really a shame.

  4. John says:

    The many, many donors in Hollywood can’t compete with singular contributors like Koch brothers and Adelson. Adelson was reported to have an income of $3.3 Million an hour. The Koch brothers is unknown to me but either of them can buy any politician or Government.

  5. Greg says:

    Yasmine, What does race have to do with it? Racism is a real evil. Racism isn’t trivial, so please don’t flippantly throw it out there like it is.

  6. jack says:

    I think it’s pathetic that yasmine has to play the race card. The reason Obama is being criticized is because he flip flopped on the use of super pacs. And the amount of money given by the Koch brothers doesn’t compare to the hundreds of millions given out by Hollywood.

  7. yasmine says:

    I think it is great the President will be visiting my alma matter…and for some out there …every president has campaigned to fundraise during his time in office ..why is it an issue with the first African American president??…not to mention the millions the Koch brothers are giving to the GOP to try to defeat him….everyone deserves a “fair” fight…if the GOP can raise money…why is a problem when it’s President Obama…

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