UM is on the path to national prominence

Last time around, the University of Miami Momentum fundraising campaign garnered $1.4 billion in donations. This time around, Momentum 2 is following up with a goal of $1.6 billion in donations to enhance the quality of education and student life here at UM.

This is a clear affirmation of the direction in which the university is heading towards. We understand how much room we have to grow. We need to continue setting the foundations in order to grow. We want these foundations to make us never settle for anything but the best.

This past fall, UM was ranked No. 38 nationally by U.S. News & World Report. There is much more room for growth, as there are 37 colleges to move above in the rankings. Those 37 should be concerned, as we are coming and looking for more.

Much of the money from the donations will be planned for the medical school, science facilities, scholarships and dorms. These are the exact foundations that the university must center on in order for growth.

Medicine and science are innovative fields that influence and benefit society, and strengthening the university research in these areas is imperative. Scholarships change student lives by opening doors that are otherwise burdensome to open.

Financial barriers should not hinder students from contributing to the vibrant campus of UM. Dorms are integral to student quality of life. They enhance the college experience as they are centered amidst campus life.

The Momentum 2 campaign will allow the foundations to be set in order for UM to never settle for anything but the best. President Donna E. Shalala said, “The real importance of it is it will firmly establish us in the top ranks of American universities.”

No other university can match our innovative spirit and progressive outlook. This breakthrough campaign will lead UM along the right path to national prominence. Expectations are set high.

Raymond La is a freshman majoring in microbiology.