Appealing set, unique story help “Stage Door” shine

Katie Sikora//The Miami Hurricane

One word: fabulous. What else would you expect from a play about upcoming stage stars?

The Jerry Herman Ring Theatre’s current production, “Stage Door,” tells the story of a group of young actresses living together in a boarding-school type home in New York City called the Footlights Club.

Their struggles parallel those of most ingenues, but their upbeat personalities and wit outshine the typical fight for fame.

The comedy is extremely fast-paced; so much happens in just two hours. The cast does a beautiful job of scurrying about boisterously, accurately reflecting the city that never sleeps.

The bustling in and out between scenes also adds comic relief to the more serious scenes, while also making the intensity of these moments more exasperating and fun to watch.

The set, which remains the same for the entirety of the play, consists of beautiful furnishings and warm lighting. It provides a welcoming ambiance to what is portrayed as the Footlights Club’s foyer.

The cast made good use of the stage’s limits by entering and exiting frequently, giving the audience the impression that there was more of the house that we simply couldn’t see.

This production is sure to impress anyone who loves theater. It has all the qualities of a great show.

With its enthralling storyline, talented cast and beautiful set design, “Stage Door” is sure to entertain.