Staff Editorial 2/16: Free fifth year for the love of learning

Many students have a passion they have always dreamed of pursuing, but don’t have the time, money or resources to do so. This leaves many college students feeling academically unsatisfied upon graduation.

But what if the University of Miami implemented a program where students would be able to attend the university for a fifth year, free of charge, to pursue another major for the love of learning?

The two tickets running for next year’s Student Government executive board, “Inspired by U” and “Think B.I.G.,” have highlighted this as an initiative in their platforms.

And we agree with the candidates’ reasons behind the idea. Sometimes, college students spend their four years studying for a major (or two) simply because it will land them a good paying job. But what about the civil engineering student who loves to sing?

If this initiative were to be successfully implemented next year, it would begin as a pilot program for a handful of students who would have to complete an application process and appear before a board before being accepted.

For students who are accepted into the fifth-year program, the extra courses needed will be weaved into their regular class schedules. This will give students ample time to complete their original degrees of choice and an additional major or minor.

UM has always stood for academic excellence, success and diversity, but so many other universities stand for the same thing. We, as students who take pride in being a Cane, want something that will really set us apart from other schools.

The five-year program will enhance the great qualities of our university. For instance, we’re a diverse student body with diverse interests – this program will fit right in.

Not to mention, UM is nationally recognized and is ranked No. 38 in the country by U.S. News & World Report. This is the perfect time to launch a program that would truly set our education apart and raise the bar for current and future Hurricanes.

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