Ways to shake up your Valentine’s Day

Senior Megan Hartman and sophomore Jonathan Fernandez pose on the walkway to the library inspired by the famous Victory in Japan taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt on August 14, 1945. Cayla Nimmo//Assistant Photo Editor

Valentine’s Day is generally formulaic: flowers, chocolate, Hallmark cards and an expensive dinner. It can be fun once or twice, but after a while the routine gets stale.  So this year, try something different and check out The Miami Hurrican’s picks for ways to spend your romantic day.

1. Picnic in Wynwood Walls

Picnics are great for broke college kids, but they are also predictable. To shake things up, take your sweetheart up to Wynwood Walls. The urban park is decorated with graffiti murals, which debuted at Art Basel in 2009. Since then, shops and galleries have opened up. If you don’t feel like packing your own food, Wynwood Kitchen and Bar is located right next door.

2528 NW 2nd Ave.

 2. Everglades stargazing

Nothing is more romantic than laying back and watching the stars. But with the glare of Miami’s city lights shooting up at the sky, it’s impossible to see more than a few stars on a good night. But if you drive out west to the Everglades, you’ll see nothing but stars. Pack a blanket, some wine, lay on the hood of the car and enjoy the show.

3. Soya e Pomodoro

If the romantic in you can’t help but crave the traditional romantic dinner, why not try a different restaurant? Rather than hitting the traditional five-star, kill-your-pocket South Beach restaurant, check out this tiny Italian restaurant nestled in Downtown. Built inside an abandoned theater, everything in Soya e Pomodoro  feels real. The architecture is amazing, the furniture is cute and the food is as fresh as it comes.

120 NE 1st St.