UM releases newsletter regarding boosters

With the ongoing NCAA investigation still going on and possible punishments looming, the University of Miami is looking to make sure that this will no longer be an issue going forward.

UM’s Compliance Office released a newsletter for boosters on Monday afternoon announcing several changes in university rules that will further restrict the accessibility that they may have with student-athletes. The newsletter includes reminders as to what they may and may not do, but also includes a significant change to the meal policy formerly allowed.

“The institution recently changed its policy regarding occasional meals provided by boosters to student-athletes,” the newsletter read. “Effectively immediately, boosters are no longer permitted to entertain student-athletes with an occasional meal and boosters are prohibited from hosting current University of Miami student-athletes in their homes or other locations.”

In addition, the newsletter emphasized that student athletes are not to be provided with any special benefits as defined by the NCAA, including “special discounts, payment arrangements, free or reduced-cost housing, transportation, or cash.”

It even goes on to define what a booster is, who is considered a booster, and emphasizes that once an individual has been classified as a booster, their status as a booster is kept forever.

The NCAA investigation is still ongoing, with a ruling expected to be released sometime in the next few months.