New year to bring new resolutions

This is a new year, which means new beginnings, new classes, new relationships and new memories.  We take the memories that are stashed in the deep channels of our brains and replace them with fresh, relevant ones.  It’s strange, isn’t it?

I think resolutions are tacky. Jan. 1 is usually synonymous with a horrible hangover.

We think about how great the prior night was and often remain in bed with sweatpants on for the entire day swearing that 2012 will be the year that we will fit into old jeans, stop smoking cigarettes, bring our GPA up and save money.

There is no sufficient explanation as to why the appropriate commencement of these journeys is on the same day that we consider Tylenol and Gatorade our lifeline, but every year it happens: we begin our vain, materialistic journeys that often lead to hollow goals. What are we looking for?

This year, I am making a tacky resolution – a resolution to have more care for people. I am making a resolution to remember names, be friendlier, open my eyes to the people around me, return phone calls and make eye contact instead of reading text messages.

After graduation, I want to remember whom I went to certain concerts with rather than what I wore to them. Think of people you love and why you love them.

For me, it’s because they know what makes me laugh, they drop everything to help me when I need it, and they remember pointless side notes about me like my intricate, annoying coffee order and tendency to lose shoes.

We love people because they are good to us, because they care, because they pay attention. We shouldn’t project our love onto things. This year, I prioritize people.

Nicole Spiteri is a junior majoring in health science on the pre-med track.