The power of expression through writing

For many people, writing is a chore. But for me, it’s an outlet for my creativity. It grants me the power to use language as a tool for helping myself and, most importantly, for helping others. It allows me to articulate my thoughts on a platform for others to see. It enables me to visualize my ideas, so I can build on them in the future. It gives others the chance to see those ideas and build on them as well.

For me, the written word acts as a time capsule. The tone captures the emotion at the heat of the moment, while the order and style of words represent the writer’s stage of psychological development at the time of inscription. At the same time, the piece as a whole can say a lot about the writer’s health and level of education. By looking at these signatures, I can follow my own growth as a person over the years. Self-reflection is important, especially for reinforcing empathy, maturity, morality and philosophy.

Writing also works as a form of catharsis, or emotional release. I write because I feel a need to write. I write because I feel. I write to express myself in a way that’s easy for others to interpret. I write to convey emotions. I write to convey knowledge. I write to inspire and to empower. I write because I don’t believe that violence is a legitimate source or demonstration of power. I write because the word is mighty. I write to protect. I write to defend myself, others, my beliefs and the beliefs of others. I write to add weight to my voice. I write to learn. I also write to convey my perspectives and experiences, so others can learn from them. I also do it so others don’t repeat my mistakes. Or do, depending on the situation. That’s the main reason for my writing.

And, if those reasons weren’t enough, writing has one more function — it makes me human. It connects me to the world. It lets me communicate. It adds a concrete framework to my imagination. It adds dimension to my reality. It embodies the spirit of freedom and all that is right with the world. And that’s my story. Word.

Andrew Blitman is a senior majoring in marine affairs and biology.