Sex should stay out of the stacks

Otto G. Richter Library, a.k.a. Club Richter, is our university’s main library in the center of campus. The library’s purpose is for people to study and research.

However, some students use the library for other purposes. What makes people decide that it’s a good idea to have sex in the stacks at Richter?

For those who aren’t familiar with the stacks, they are five floors full of rows and rows of old, dusty books. Are people seriously turned on by that? Have some respect for yourselves and, for crying out loud, get a room.

No one wants to be studying in the stacks only to hear two people in the heat of the moment; that’s just wrong. Also, no one wants to find empty condom wrappers when they show up for work the next morning. It would be awkward for you if you found out that someone was having sex where you work, so why do it to someone else? Not to mention the carvings on the wall showing how many people have had sex up there.

Some say people have sex in the stacks for the adrenaline rush because there is always the possibility that someone will catch you. However, if you need an adrenaline rush that badly, there are so many other ways to do this, like rock climbing, go-cart driving, etc.

Or if it’s because the books are such a turn on for you, take them home. You can check out books for a month. Respect yourselves, respect the library and respect the people who have to work there.

Taylor Duckett is a freshman majoring in chemistry.