Golden faces inevitable Penn State speculation

While at Penn State, Al Golden was a three-year letter winner, two-year starter at tight end, a team captain, and later the linebackers coach and recruiting coordinator.

In the middle of the Penn State scandal, the media has deemed Golden a candidate with the perfect roots  to replace recently-fired head coach Joe Paterno. However, it would be in Golden’s best interests to stay at UM.

Sure, Golden may seem to have all the right reasons to take interest in the vacant position up north in Happy Valley, but he has far more reason to stay put in Coral Gables.

Aside from the allegations unfolding at Penn State involving Paterno’s former assistant, Paterno is a legend in college football. With more than 400 victories as head coach of the Nittany Lions, Paterno was synonymous with Penn State over half a century.

Golden wouldn’t have as much of an opportunity to create a name for himself if he left for Penn State, as he would be coaching in the shadows of a legend and the recent scandal.

Would a good architect abandon his current job for another after drawing up only half the blueprints? Would a good plumber install half of the plumbing system for a house and disregard the rest? The same theory applies for a good coach. A good coach would not leave an unfinished job for another.

Golden has made significant progress in the Hurricanes’ football program by developing a sense of integrity, sportsmanship and teamwork on and off the field. However, the job is not finished; Golden acknowledges that and will stay on as the coach of the Miami Hurricanes.

The speculation regarding Golden coaching at Penn State after Paterno’s firing is just that: speculation. In the end, he will remain down here in Coral Gables, leading the Miami Hurricanes onto the field, and we surely would love to have him here for many years to come.

Raymond La is a freshman majoring in microbiology.