Staff editorial 10/27: How to avoid a Halloween horror

When we’re young, we all look forward to Halloween so we can dress like our favorite super hero or princess, and then go trick-or-treating for pounds of candy to later devour happily. But now, we’re in college. And although some of us love to express and embrace our inner kid, that doesn’t mean it’s always OK to continue to go trick-or-treating on Halloween night.

Although trick-or-treating doesn’t have a set age limit, once you’re taller than the kids putting candy in your bag, you may want to reevaluate your Halloween plans.

Halloween is primarily a children’s holiday. That’s not to say that teens and adults shouldn’t celebrate, but there are some components of the festive night that need to be regulated. Take alcohol, for example: If you’re going to binge on the “boos,” make sure to steer clear of trick-or-treating for the night. I’m sure families won’t enjoy opening the door to a drunken sexy nurse or “Beercules” when they’re expecting a cute Power Ranger or Disney character.

However, if you’re an adult and you feel the need to trick-or-treat, there are ways to make it socially acceptable. Chaperoning a couple of your nieces or younger cousins takes a bit of the weirdness away. Also, if you’re going to put in the effort to trick-or-treat, putting the same amount of effort into a costume would not go unnoticed. People are always more inclined to give candy to someone in an elaborate, unique outfit.

Otherwise, Miami is filled with opportunities to celebrate Halloween like an adult. Check out parties in South Beach clubs, or a local haunted house or ghost tour. Another option is hosting your own Halloween and drunkenly dance to the “Monster Mash.” You can even host a costume contest for your friends, or plan a night filled with carving pumpkins and watching scary movies.
But if Halloween is your favorite time to get in touch with your inner child, by all means, go all out. Halloween can be fun for everyone – just remember to respect the families out on the streets. If you partake in childish activities, try to keep it classy. And above all, have a safe Halloween!

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