Stacks prevent procrastination

I sneeze and can nearly feel the death glare from my neighbor through my cubicle wall as I try to turn the page of my textbook as silently as possible. In the Richter Library Stacks Tower, in this instance on the 7th floor, any form of noise seems unacceptable. Alas, there goes my master plan to longboard between the rows of books.

This was my first time ever studying in the stacks and easily the most productive six hours that I’ve had yet this semester. It may be the mindset of working in the library that helped me avoid procrastinating, the near-requirement to be silent or the fear of judging from fellow students that keeps my work ethic so strong here.

There are so many aspects about the stacks that I question. Is there a certain reason people choose to study on a specific level? If I got murdered in the stacks, how long would it take for someone to find me? Am I really the only person up here who’s incredibly creeped out?

The stacks aren’t for everyone, but I can almost guarantee that if you’re willing to work there, you will get into your “crunch” mode sooner than you think. Losing track of time could be a problem, as hours slip by faster that you’d think, but the amount of work completed at the end of your study session will be worth it.

Alexa Pappas is a freshman majoring in broadcast journalism and sport administration.