Are you afraid of the dark?

We’ve outgrown trick-or-treating (well, for the most part) and partying in the Grove doesn’t seem special enough to celebrate the holiday we used to enjoy almost as much as our birthdays. If we’re celebrating Halloween, we want to go all out, right?
South Florida, as it turns out, has a handful of full-fledged ghost tours and haunts.
If you feel like driving to Ft. Lauderdale, you can hit up Fort Lauderdale Ghost Tours, where you’ll get the best bang for your buck all weekend and on Halloween night. On the tour, you’ll visit at least 10 different locations over the course of two hours and 10 blocks of walking.
“I had three teenagers run up the block and their mother had to take off her heels and chase after them,” said John Carr, who runs the company, about an incident at one of the houses. “They were sitting on the porch and they swear they saw these red eyes staring at them.”
On the tours, speakers will be used to amplify EVP [Electronic Voice Phenomena], believed by some to be talking spirits.
Carr, who has been a paranormal researcher since 1998, leads all of the tours.
“I had a friend that died and he haunted me for a year and a half,” Carr said of how he became interested in the study.
There will also be tours through a haunted fire station on Friday and Saturday. Those tours last 45 minutes and cost $15. All proceeds will go to charity. There will also be a ghost hunt at 10 p.m. on both nights.
Carr will conduct a seance at midnight and participants will be able to use their equipment.
For a closer ghost tour, check out Deering Estate. They have multiple tours, ranging in length and price, but  they will all freak you out.
During the Deering Estate Spookover on Friday, you’ll spend five hours, starting at 11 p.m., hunting for spirits in the area. The League of Paranormal Investigators will take participants to investigate the house and grounds. The tour costs $65.
If the Spookover is too much for you to handle, there is always the “Voices of the Past” tour on Nov. 17. You’ll get to hear recordings captured by the team and learn how they go about debunking evidence.
Private tours are available from both companies throughout the year.
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