Long-distance romance is not impossible

Often in casual conversations, the inevitable question comes up:  “Do you have a girlfriend?”

If you answer, “I’m in a long-distance relationship,” most people are startled.

The belief that you are being robbed of the college experience has caused thousands of happy couples to break up since it has become the social norm.

What is this mystical “college experience,” and why is it so glamorous and appealing? What is it about simply going to different schools that leads to a breakup?

Refer back to the “college experience” as the culprit, which seems to mean having multiple partners and  hooking up with no strings attached.

This unhealthy lifestyle leads to jealousy of past hook-ups, STDs and the stress over finding a partner to
“get with.”

Take a minute to recall those wise words from “The Hangover:” “Remember what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Except for herpes. That shit’ll come back with you.”

Also, long-distance relationships can be more beneficial than most people think. It helps put more focus on one’s education. After all, that’s why we’re in college.

Sure, the distance may be difficult as time spent apart becomes greater than time spent together. However, Skype, Facebook and iChat allow you to connect and still be in each other’s lives just like before.

Don’t throw away something worthwhile for the possibility of something, or someone, new. You may eventually find yourself right back where you started.

Juan Pellerano is a freshman majoring in broadcast journalism.