CEM 345

Exchange student Inmacukada Arteaga Romero helps focus the Sony 250 camera with the help of senior Nick Diaz. These two students are working on setting up the Live Shot for NewsVision. Romero and Diaz are both members of the CEM 345 class through the School of Communication. Members of this class make up the crew for the Thursday night show, NewsVision, monitoring the cameras, sound, and lighting of the sets and on location shoots. “I like being ahead of everything,” says Romero. NewsVision can be seen every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00 PM and 9:30 PM on Comcast Channel 96 in the Coral Gables area or through live online streaming. Cayla Nimmo//Assistant Photo Editor
Inmacukada Arteaga Romero frames the live shot for NewsVision on the Sony 250. Cayla Nimmo//Assistant Photo Editor