The Script, Hot Chelle Rae bring their talents to South Beach

The lights dimmed in the Jackie Gleason Theatre, and the sound of ear-piercing screams from teenage girls to middle-aged women filled the room. The Script took the stage and I’m pretty sure that for a few seconds the room actually shook.

The Irish rock band delivered quite a performance on Friday night, surpassing my expectations. Although they played hits off their most recent album, “Science & Faith,” they also performed fan-favorites from their debut album, including “Before the Worst” and “Talk You Down.”

And if you attended the concert, you’ll never forget their performance of “We Cry,” The Script’s debut single. Lead singer Danny O’Donoghue jumped in the audience and sang with screaming (and crying) girls.

O’Donoghue’s stage presence was the highlight of the concert. There was never a dull moment; he was constantly running, or dancing, across the stage, singing to girls in the front row, playing the keyboard and joking around with his band mates.

Lead guitarist Mark Sheehan’s humor and energy complimented O’Donoghue’s dynamic performance.

“What makes you so beautiful?” he asked the audience. “Is it the sunshine? Well, we brought the f****** rain!”

The band’s unusual stage setup was something that caught my eye. Traditionally, the drummer is toward the back of the stage and center, while facing the audience. However, The Script’s drummer Glen Power was on the right side of the stage, facing the left wall of the venue. It was refreshing and let Power interact with the audience.

Before The Script hit the stage, Hot Chelle Rae performed a 30-minute set. They definitely did their job as the opening act by getting the crowd dancing and singing. The band started off with a new song, “Freaks,” that will be on their next album, “Whatever” (in stores on Nov. 29). They played their latest single, “I Like It Like That,” an up-tempo song that had the audience jamming. They closed their set with their hit, “Tonight Tonight.”