Law professor attempts to purchase sexual services

Photo courtesy The Miami Herald

Donald M. Jones, a UM law professor, was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor for purchasing services from a prostitute on Sept. 26. According to a Miami Herald article published on Sept. 30, Jones attempted to pay an undercover cop $20 to perform a sexual act.

Jones teaches constitutional law, criminal procedure and employment discrimination at the law school. His university biography states that he has appeared in numerous TV programs on PBS, CNN and Fox, and has written for the Miami Herald and the Miami New Times. In 2005, Jones wrote a book titled “Race, Sex, and Suspicion: The Myth of the Black Male.”

According to an article by NBC Miami posted on Sept. 30, UM released an official statement through spokeswoman Karla Hernandez: “The University of Miami is aware of the situation concerning UM School of Law Professor Donald M. Jones. It should be noted that Professor Jones has never been convicted of any previous crime.”

According to the same article, Jones was previously charged with a misdemeanor for soliciting an undercover cop for sex in 2007. However, the charges were dismissed.

During this time, he also sued the legal blog, “Above the Law,” for defamation after the site posted about his arrest and called him “The Nutty Professor.”