Hippies unite at global EarthDance festival

Heather Foy, Debby Carrigan and others do tricks with light-up hula hoops as soon as the sun set during the Earthdance Miami festival. This festival was a part of a synchronized global peace prayer which occurred at 7 pm, but the festivla included other events such as Thai Yoga, drum circles, continual music, and vegan food. Cayla Nimmo//Assistant Photo Editor

Welcome to the hippie movement of the 21st century. The EarthDance Miami festival at Seventh Circuit Studios was part of a simultaneous international celebration that occurred on Saturday in over 350 global locations.
The event merged arts, health and environmental awareness with its conscious-culture workshops, performances and vendors.
The most prominent aspect of EarthDance was the diverse crowd – all ages and backgrounds were welcomed.
Gongs greeted guests in the guided group meditation, and yoga workshops worked to relieve stress and help patrons channel their positive energy.
Neighboring clothing vendors offered unique pieces to meet any tie-dye and feather fanatic’s needs. Apart from the vendors, there was a stage for musical performances, shaded by trees decorated in Tibetan peace flags.
The crowd danced to everything from African tribal drums to house beats, just another element that made EarthDance unlike anything else.