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A letter to head coach Al Golden

Dear Coach Golden,


That’s the number of fans who believed in your philosophy, your intensity and your shirt and tie last weekend against Ohio State.

OK, many of them wore red and weren’t cheering for the Hurricanes, but the point is clear: It was, quite simply, an awesome home crowd that will probably be the largest at Sun Life this season.

We all recognize the incredible opportunity you have to bring this program back to relevancy and the national spotlight. But you do not have much time.

Hurricane fans aren’t known for their patience, and they won’t stick around for long. A 1-2 record is not helping. Something good has to happen fast.

It’s astonishing that this team appears unable to sustain momentum. It hurts to see such a passionate effort against Ohio State followed by an uninspired and mistake-ridden one like on Saturday afternoon.

The talent is here, and all the pieces seem right. But now it’s time for you to put the pieces together and then keep them motivated, fired up and ready to play every week.

Canes fans are spoiled. We’re used to wins. For a while, we got a whole lot of them, but recently, they’re increasingly hard to come by. To maintain interest and energy in a place like Miami, the W’s need to start flowing immediately.

We like to crush our opponents’ spirits. Our perennial goal is to see the other side as dejected as Florida State usually is after a wide left or wide right (your choice).

Above all, Hurricane fans are used to excitement. I am reminded of what carried us to our Rose Bowl berth in 2001. It was a game-saving interception by Ed Reed to halt a ferocious Virginia Tech comeback in our last regular season game. It was a play that caused my dad, a man with a two-inch vertical leap, to literally put his fist through our ceiling.

It’s the thrill of watching the mighty Hurricanes dominate that keeps the fans in the seats.

We’re all encouraged by the fact that you proved yourself a winner at Temple. But at the same time, the only similarity I can see between Miami and Temple is that both their mascots are birds.

On Saturday, Bethune-Cookman will be in town. My guess is we will be lucky to draw a crowd of 30,000. But it’s a long season – plenty of time to energize the fans for some tough games ahead, including some strong ACC matchups.

After the mediocrity of the last few seasons, it’s safe to say that no rabid Hurricane fan is willing to settle for the MPC Computers Bowl anymore. We are all ready for the Golden Era to lift us to higher ground.

I have faith in your leadership and your passion, and I will always have faith in the orange and green, but we need to get the ball rolling now.

With great respect,

Spencer Dandes

September 25, 2011


Spencer Dandes

10 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “A letter to head coach Al Golden”

  1. Larry says:

    I’ve followed the Canes football program since I was a freshman at The-U in 1980. Before I set foot on campus I never even knew Miami had a football team. I was a U senior before Howard Schnellenberger’s team won the championship. Progress takes time and Al Golden has already proven himself a program-builder and winner at Temple. The Canes will win more games this year and they will probably lose some too. Rebuilding is a process and we should support the team while Coach goes through that process. In just the first three games we have already seen progress in the drive and intensity of the team. Things were downright depressing the previous few seasons – but they were at other schools too (like Michigan and Nebraska) and they still packed in sellout crowds on gameday. I say grow up and either support YOUR team or not but you give The-U a bad image as having spoiled fair-weather fans when you only support the team when it is winning. And as proof that I put my money where my mouth is, I flew in from my job in Germany to attend the OSU game. To Coach Golden: The true fans have got your back!!

  2. boos towards jacory harris. chanting we want morris! this is pathetic! every real hurricane fan knowingly understands that j12 is not the long term answer for this team. but some feel he needs to win now to salvage his dismal career at UM. what most forget is how he lead his team to a 14-0 lead against a talented OSU team. yes he had another pick Ksu this week pushing his career total to 42. the defense held to a 3 n out.. no harm done!! Al Golden is doing the best possible job he can with what he has to work with. Booing and chanting wew want morris is not a way to support your team nor boost the confidence of a young kid who obviously needs to build confidende rather than be ridiculed for every mistake he makes. I believe that Golden and his staff will get this fixed sooner than later. may not happen this yr or nxt but it will happen. The canes do not have the talent they had in 01 or 02 when they peeled of a staggering 38-2 record with ken dorsey at the helm. for christ sake ppl andre johnson was a 3rd string wr, frank gore was a 3rd string rb behind clinton portis and willis mcgahee. not to mention that our BACKUP te was kellen winslow!!! the list goes on. that is all a thing of the past and all canes fans should realize that this is a rebuilding process that is going to taake time. believe me when i say i want to win NOW just like every other fan. But to critize Al Golden is insane! this man inherrited an absolute disaster! give the guy a break. eveyone can see and hear how he has takin this in an embraced the challange of returning the hurricanes to glory.. show some patience and support. lets all stop being ignorant and expecting to win 10-11 gms this yr. the acc is still up for grabs miami rolls into conference play after this weeks bye as we all know that bethun-cookman is a joke. miami will win easy with no doubt! then we get the remaining piece to the D back the following week against VT. Ray Ray Armstong will be back. which means that he and Telemaque are at safety and Jo jo Nichloas goes back to his origanal postion at corner. which in turn put Brandon Mcgee back in the slot at nickel corner. unless coach Golden feels otherwise. which in turn the D should be much stronger and be able to do more in the secondary with being put in 1 on 1 situations. which could open up some blitz packages to apply more pressue on the qb. KSU didnt do anything special this sat. it was assignment defense and the canes clearly struggled. what does everyone expect when GT comes to town?? they run the triple option not the option read.. huge difference ppl.. lets all allow the coaching staff to do there jobs. they obviously know more than we do thats why they get paid and we complain. if we could do a better job than we would be out there. Jacory Harris undoubtly gives the canes the best chance to win now. he won the job in camp Golden admitted that. give him a chance to settle into a new offense. besides were the only team in the state to play 3 quality opponents compared to the hated seminoles and gators. the noles played 2 and there 2-2 the gators have played nobody so ther 3-0 but we’ll see this week when they face BAMA.. the canes may have a 1-2 record but if you actually watch they have limited penalties and turnovers gm by gm which means the team is making progress in the right directon.

  3. The canes are 2 plays away from 3-0. A pick 6 by a young qb on tbe road in a hostile enviorment on national tv. A goal line stand that jacory came up 1 inch shy of a touchdown. Canes fans are honestly pathetic for how they acted on sat. I’ve been a canes fan my entire life. I have never seen such disrepect from fans. Raing

  4. TimK says:

    This why they call south florida a fair weather community. There are place aroundthe country who have never won a title of any kind, have’nt had a winning saeson in 20yrs yet sell out every game. Either b a FAN or DON’T! I bleed Orange and Green on my left side and Black and Yellow (Steelers) and isuffered with Bubby Brister & Mark Malone yrs and loosing seasond but still am a die hard. We ll thats what we need now a true CANE a Yam Yam kind of guy (true fans will know who im talking about). Get out to Sun Life go to a game get there for the Canes walk support this team this coach. I drove all the way from Ocala and mybrltner from Ga to take my father for his 65th birthday on Saturday and loved the atmosphere the Canes were pumped Coach Golden was pumped. Give it time and b a TRUE FAN AND SUPPPORT. Go Canes

  5. Chris avena says:

    The inability to gain 2 yards for the win after the defense could not stop k states offense was frustrating as a fan. The players have to put it on them. How as a hurricane player, with the alumni always around to help motivate, can you not blow your opponent off the ball to gain 2 yards for a win? Harris’s pour throw on first down, and lack of determination on the four done run is an great example of what he has brought, or has not brought, to this team his entire career. The line also had 4 chances to push their d line back and gain 2 yards for the win. Extremely frustrating to watch.
    On a small positive note, the canes could be 3-0. They had a chance at the end against Maryland and 2 yards to go Saturday. I think the upside is there. However not without a quarterback. The U has not had one since dorsey. All the talent is there
    I also believe golden needs to be given time to recrut his own players. He is coaching someone else’s players, even though there is penalty of talent. However does this group of talented players have the right mind set, work ethic, and desire to excel? Past on th past 3 years, I’m not so sure they do.

  6. Mikey says:

    This letter was well written. I agree 100%

  7. The fact that someone could write this letter with a straight face tells me that we have the most ignorant student body in FBS. If you expected Al Golden to come in and magically fix everything in one offseason, you have no clue how college football works. Nick Saban didn’t go 12-0 his first season at Bama, LSU or Michigan State. Urban Meyer didn’t run the table year one at Florida, neither did Bob Stoops at OU. Jimmy Johnson went 8-5 his first season here, even though he almost everyone returning from a National Championship team.

    I can’t believe that “The Miami Hurricane” would even allow this nonsense to be published. This team could EASILY be 3-0, despite the fact that Golden was blindsided with the Shapiro allegations, and he is getting inconsistent play from the QB position.

    Just remember the following: the Temple team that Golden left in the hands of a first year HC slapped Maryland around Saturday. Expect that same result here, when Golden has the people he need, especially on the OL/DL. We are hurting on the DL right now, we don’t have any depth.

  8. charlie says:

    Just relax and watch how this season unfolds.. First yr is get into a rythem.. Miami will be back theres no doubt in my mind we dont win one im 3 or less .. BE PATIENCE !!

  9. RD says:

    IT’S BEEN THREE GAMES. How long did it take Howard Schnellenberger to win? What about Jimmy Johnson going 8-5 the year after winning a title and bringing nearly EVERYONE back? Butch Davis was underwhelming in his first season.

    This is partly why Miami isn’t exactly a highly-prized program for a coach to try and lead anymore. The utter insanity of this fan base is mind-boggling.

  10. Jonathan says:

    Spencer you need to re-watch that game because they did play inspired. It’s how they got back into the game in the first place when they were getting beat up front. This team does not have the talent you speak of especially at QB and DL, so stop kidding yourself and thinking they have all the talent.

    Golden has them playing there asses off and there is nothing more you could possible ask for.

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