WVUM’s Top 5

Illustration by Mariah Price

WVUM will be recommending their top five albums picks from once a month for The Miami Hurricane. Here are the top records for September that they are featuring on the air (90.5 FM). Look out for WVUM’s weekly top 30 list online at themiamihurricane.com.

1) Azari & III – Azari & III

With their self-titled debut, Azari & III expand upon their existing prominence as remix gurus and prove they are ready to take over the world on their own.  The Canadian collective’s piercingly deep bass and dramatic vocals are as catchy as they are haunting.  Undoubtedly Grace Jones herself would consider the album a refreshingly raw ode to ‘80s club music.

2) The Rapture – The Grace of Your Love

New York City’s The Rapture have served as America’s equivalent to Franz Ferdinand and Phoenix for several decades now.  The group’s latest foray into the dance-punk genre is arguably their most polished, retaining the energy of earlier releases, but with much more consistent results.  While the discoteque ready “How Deep is Your Love?” is easily the most catchy moment of the album, it is by no means any better than the more brooding, complex songs also offered.

3) Junior Boys – It’s All True

It has been an unfortunate trend in underground electronic music for many well-intentioned artists to disappear into the world of irrelevancy.  This cannot be said for veterans of the scene Junior Boys, who have been delivering down tempo masterpieces since the late ‘90s. While trading shortsighted hooks for reserved genius, the group continues to show a mastery of creating music best suited for intimate, dimly lit occasions (we’ll let the reader fill in the blanks).

4) Little Dragon – Ritual Union

While not as monumental as 2009’s “Machine Dreams,” the latest from this Swedish group is nonetheless another electro-pop gem.  Lead singer Yukimi Nagano’s soothingly soulful voice continues to bring a human quality to electronic music that few others are able to reach.  Thematically, the album aims to provide commentary on the role of marriage in modern society.  The theme skillfully complements the band’s melancholic sound.

5) Jacuzzi Boys – Glazin’

Long hailed as Miami’s rock-and-roll saviors, the Jacuzzi Boys’ major label debut lives up to high expectations.  The album delivers what seasoned fans would expect from our boys – crushing guitar riffs, head bobbing cymbal bashing, and teenage lust-filled lyrics.  Each track embodies the Jacuzzi Boys’ dedication to the beach rock genre, while simultaneously avoiding repetition.