Indie films at Sunset highlight Latin culture



The Maya Indie Film Series will be ending its theatrical run at AMC Sunset Place 24 on Friday.

The film series focuses on presenting independent films that promote cultural diversity. Over the span of one week, seven films will be presented with themes rooted in Latin culture, many starring big Hollywood names.

Instead of watching “Friday Night Lights” for the fifth time, try “All She Can,” a story about a small-town high school senior with a shot at attending the University of Texas at Austin. However, she cannot afford it, and her scholarship and future all come down to one final championship match in power lifting.

“Blue Eyes” tackles immigration and the idea of American freedom. Before retiring, a JFK Airport’s chief immigration officer detains a group of Latin Americans and forces them to undergo difficult situations.

“Di Di Hollywood” evokes “Black Swan” in the protagonist’s quest for perfection. Diana Diaz leaves Spain to pursue her dream of becoming a star. She travels to Miami and, suffering from starvation and poverty, quickly learns that fame has its sacrifices.

“Forged” is a father-son story unlike any other. Haunted by the murder of his wife, ex-thug Manny must find a way to forge a bond with his son.

“Sympathy for Delicious,” Mark Ruffalo’s debut directing job and winner of a Sundance award,  tells the story of Dean O’Dwyer’s descent into depression after a motorcycle accident leaves him paralyzed and unable to pursue a career as an underground Los Angeles disc jockey. O’Dwyer meets Father Joe Roselli, who introduces him to the power of faith. Discovering that O’Dwyer also has the gift, he begins to heal others but ironically cannot heal himself. He rashly decides to use his power for fame and fortune, and joins a rock band. Not finding any hope in the band, he will ultimately have to face own darkness. The film stars Christopher Thorton, Juliet Lewis, Orlando Bloom and Laura Linney.

A tale of unusual friendships, “Where the Road Meets the Sun,” parallels two seemingly different stories. Takashi, a Japanese hitman who wakes up from a four-year coma, moves to L.A. and forms a bond with Blake, a hotel manager mourning the loss of his wife. Meanwhile, Julio, an illegal immigrant who works at an Indian restaurant to provide for his family, also bonds with British backpacker Guy, who carelessly lives off his father. The film shows how the four men come to learn from one another.

The battle of the sexes takes center stage in “Without Men.” When the men of a remote Latin-American mountain village leave to fight for the country’s civil war, the women begin to fend for themselves and form an all-female utopia. When the men return, led by an American reporter, the clash ensues. The film stars Eva Longoria, Christian Slater and “The Office’s” Oscar Nuñez.


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