Stylish home decor hits Design District

Courtesy Kirsten N Soller

Some people say good things come in sets of three. Susan Baker, Sloane Solomon and Paige Solomon, the owners of the new Found Design Miami, are a mother-daughter team who wield power tools, creativity and passion to transform vintage furniture and other pieces into unique home decor.

These Miami natives opened their doors to the community on Sept. 9 in the Wynwood Art District.

“We have one-of-a-kind pieces at reasonable prices,” Baker said, as the company is keeping the shaky U.S. economy in mind. “People want high-end, but affordable things.”

With artistic flair, the girls remake furnishings that can appeal to anyone with a taste for quirk, style, color and personality: Mermaid and calavera matchboxes, clear ornaments filled with dinosaur figures (Sloane Solomon dubs them “Little Lost Worlds”), a chair covered in prints of acrobats, a coffee table covered with a mosaic of broken mirror pieces (“Seven Years Good Luck”) and a dragonfly-patterned couch, among others. Prices range from $5 to around $1200.

“I’ve shopped at Target for a few furniture pieces, but I dig the idea of buying something refurbished and altered to be made into a functional art piece,” senior Eli Blanco said.

Although Susan Baker and her two daughters find inspiration from design websites and in items from local Goodwill stores, women’s shelters and “dumpster diving,” many of their ideas come from each other.

“[Coming up with good ideas] is trial and error,” Paige Solomon said. “We all have different styles.”

Sloane is inspired by 18th century European literature, the macabre and dinosaurs, while Paige shows attention to detail and color, hand-painting flowers on a chair. Sloane also cites her sister’s turquoise hutch as a favorite piece.

Despite a wellspring of creativity and craftsmanship, these women admit to being nervous about opening a small business. A sense of community and passion keeps them optimistic.

“It’s not all about making money,” Sloane Solomon said. “It’s nice to work with family. I want this place to be fun.”

The girls are also comfortable with their location in Wynwood.

“It’s artsy fartsy and a nice community, very supportive,” Baker said.

The stenciled word “found” repeats itself on the storefront of Found Design, a mantra affirming the treasures one is bound to find within its walls.

“We’re hoping that when people come in, something will strike them,” Baker said. “We hope they will leave with at least one piece.”


If you go:

What: Found Design Miami

Where: 2328 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL 33127

For more information, call 305-438-9311