Pi Kappa Alpha under investigation

Editor’s note: The online story has been changed from the original print version because the information given by the two unnamed sources could not be independently verified.

The University of Miami chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha is currently under investigation by university administration, according to the president of the fraternity.

Neither Harrison Potak, president of the fraternity commonly known as Pike, nor Anthony Lake, associate dean of students, will say what the investigation is about.

Lake, who is also director of judicial affairs, said he “cannot and will not comment on an open investigation.” He said the investigation could take several weeks.

“These are just allegations. No charges have been filed,” Potak said.

When asked about certain unsubstantiated rumors around campus, which include drugs and spiked drinks being served at fraternity parties, Potak said the “rumors are entirely false and have nothing to do with the allegations” under investigation.

A number of students have apparently also heard the rumors and some are rejecting them outright.

“I’ve been going to Pike events since freshman year and there has never been any issue with the punch; in fact, they usually make the punch out in the open where everyone can see,” sophomore Mahtab Forouzandeh said. “Anyone who is claiming there is something in the punch is obviously immature and doesn’t know their drinking limit. Also, the Pike brothers drink from the same punch bowl as the party-goers…”

For now, Pike has been told to cease and desist all official fraternity activities, including intramural sports, mixers and philanthropic events.

“We aren’t officially recognized by the university as a fraternity during the length of the investigation,” Potak said.

In the past 10 years, Pike has been investigated twice by the university.

According to a 2005 article in The Miami Hurricane, the fraternity was suspended for 30 days in March of that year because of alleged violations of the international fraternity policy and the university code of conduct, as well as financial delinquency to the national fraternity. In 2009, Pike was again under investigation because of an unregistered event that took place at a private residence.

In both cases, the fraternity was reinstated.

September 13, 2011


Alysha Khan

Online Editor

15 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Pi Kappa Alpha under investigation”

  1. sad. says:

    “When asked about an unsubstantiated rumor…” is clearly reporting on a rumor. Nobody is claiming this to be fact. It’s not slander, and PIKE’s president commented on it, so why not report it?

    And the “didn’t get a bid” argument is pathetic. Miami isn’t a big greek school, PIKEs. You don’t even have a house. You and your buddies should remove your swollen fingers from the keyboard and go smoke a cigarette on your way back to the wellness center before your roids and creatine wear off.

  2. Rob says:

    Now we’re practice censorship…? There were 12 comments here earlier today.

  3. truth says:

    Pike has been using roofies and other drugs to take advantage of girls for years and its common knowledge. ive been to a few of their parties and theyre just classless meatheads. Of course the source is going to remain anonymous, if not there’d be retaliation. these roid rage douchebags had this coming.

    oh, and of course the prez and mahtab forouzadeh who is a huge pike groupie/ frat toy will deny it

  4. as a student at um in another frat, this is absolute bullshit. first off, let me just say that as much as there are “frat rivalries”, no one would wish a cease and desist on anyone..

    second, this article is an embarrassment to the school and the newspaper and especially the idiot writer. there is not one fact in this article.
    wish pike the best of luck.

  5. for real? says:

    This article speaks pure unprofessionalism. Not only are these “rumors” misled and untrue, but the fact that someone has accepted it for truth, and then is allowed to publicly express it echoes issues beneath issues of self-esteem. Please remove.

  6. I am dumbfounded that this article is still up. Who is in charge of this mockery of a newspaper?

    The school administration really needs to do a better job of monitoring what makes it to print.

  7. I am dumbfounded that this article is still up. Who is in charge of this mockery of a newspaper?

    The school administration really needs to do a better job of monitoring what makes it to print.

  8. UM Young Alum says:

    As a University of Miami Alum, I am disgusted by The Miami Hurricane’s editors choice to print this story. Shame on all of you for such toxic and damaging slander. If your editors have any class they will print a public apology to the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity for this shameful article.

  9. Rumor Mill says:

    OMG!!! Thank you Alysha Khan,
    You have taken University of Miami journalism from a new level–right where Juicy Campus and College ACB left off. It’s about time someone starts circulating the sexy little rumors we only read on the message boards.

  10. It is not the first time I see this school paper (funded by all students’ high fees)takes cheap and unfounded shots at this fraternity; probably part of this rancor is because several in their staff were not accepted in it as members or as Little Sisters !! ! This is not journalism and undermines the paper’s true mission; shame on the editor for allowing this article to be published.

  11. Rob says:

    Formerly I had only said so in a facebook post, but I’d also like to make it clear that this article is nothing more than speculation and rumors. It could permanently damage the reputation of a fraternity by spreading unsubstantiated rumors, and should never have been published in the first place. The Miami Hurricane should undoubtedly issue an apology to the fraternity, and more carefully screen its articles in the future.

    News should be based upon fact or well thought out conclusions, not the speculation of the masses.

  12. It amazes me how students that consider themselves journalists can so openly publish an article which so unabashedly slanders this fraternity. How can anything this newspaper writes be taken seriously when they clearly have the same journalistic integrity as a supermarket tabloid? This article should be removed immediately and the Hurricane should issue Pi Kappa Alpha a public apology.

    The repercussions of this article are far more serious than any amateur writer at this so called “newspaper” can clearly understand. It really disgusts me how, in this day and age, there is absolutely no respect for ethics in the media.

    Congratulations, Alysha, on making the Miami Hurricane in to a joke.

  13. As an alumni of UM, I am saddened, upset, and disgraced at the University of Miami, The Miami Hurricane, and the administratos for allowing this to be published. No respectful journalist, editors, or university would allow this unsubstantiated biased rumor to be published. Regardless of people’s opinions and past views on fraternities, and Pi Kappa Alpha to be more specific, it should not be allowed to print. The University of Miami simply does not realize the effects this slanderous article has had on Pi Kappa Alpha across the country. From recruitment to re-building a house, The University of Miami has unrightfully cast a black eye on this fraternity, of which I can confidently say I am ashamed to have my alma mater be involved in any ways concerning this.

  14. How was this allowed to be printed? The Miami Hurricane should be embarrassed. There is obviously no evidence to support any claims. They simply printed slanderous rumors that have nothing to do with the ALLEGED incident. The lack of basic judgement on the editors and author of this article display just how poor a job they do. For their own sake they should seriously consider a different profession.

  15. concerned says:

    This is not journalism, this is the rumor mill and this is where it starts. I think that this is the absolute lowest; why would anyone even write any kind of article without a base of fact, or even evidence whatsoever? This is crap, and should not be anywhere near the “official” newspaper.

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