Student memories of the Rathskellar

“When I was a freshman in 2009, our first football game was against FSU at FSU. So the Rat was hosting a tailgate for the game, which we won. This was the first time I really spent time at the Rat and I realized what RAB did. This game tailgate is what got me interested in RAB initially. My favorite memory since then working on RAB as the Tailgate chair and the Special Events co-chair would probably be when the Beelzebubs, who was featured on Glee, came to perform at the Rat. Jeanine Scarpino, who is co-chair for Special Events with me, booked the acapella group and organized the event. The Rat was completely packed with eager students and the group performed on the upstairs stage. It was amazing to see all the excitement and enthusiasm from the students and the Beelzebub had an amazing performance. Performances like this at the Rat are some of the best memories I have from working on RAB and I am excited to have more of these at new temporary Rat next year. I am sad to see such a historic site being torn down and the accompanying memories that it has acquired over the past couple of decades. Especially since the Rat is a staple to many student on campus, including myself. It is such a beloved site for many people, and I know I will always remember the Rat.”

-Lauren Geraghty is a sophomore majoring in political science. She is the Tailgates Chair and Special Events Co-Chair of the Rathskeller Advisory Board.

“My favorite memory of the Rathskeller is when the Miami Hurricanes played the Ohio State Buckeyes in 2010. I have never seen the Rat quite so energetic besides at homecoming night. Every glider was filled and the inside was packed. Even though Miami lost, that day still stands a testament to what the Rathskeller is really about; a place where students can come together to relax, enjoy themselves in safe environment, and be in the only place that is truly all about the U.”

-Dominic Castillejo is a senior and  has been a waiter at the Rathskeller for four years.

“Although I have worked at the Rathskeller for one semester, it has been a blast. Immediately I was part of the Rat family in my first week of work in the kitchen. Before working, I had loved the Rat when I first visited Miami a few years ago. Yet once working at one of the greatest traditions of UM, I will miss it even more. Each shift I have worked no matter how busy or slow, I have always enjoyed all the shenanigans happening behind the bar. The most stressful, yet memorable time in the kitchen was when I was told to do President Shalala’s order.

Watching football on Sundays or Champions League Matches during the week has always been one of the best moments of my Rathskeller experience. There are gliders all over campus, but none of them have that view and atmosphere like the ones surrounding the Rat. The old Rat will be missed, but the new Student Activities Center and its improvements will become the next great tradition at the University of Miami. The first task to do when I return after graduation is taking over a glider, ordering a pitcher and reminiscing of all the memories of our great University.”

-Sam Hariharan is a junior and a kitchen employee at the Rathskeller.

“Every day at the Rat is a blessing, yet after three years of great times, good music, fabulous people and the best happy hour in town…the end has finally come.  On Wednesday, June 1st 2011 the University of Miami loses the heart of its campus and the soul of its tradition.  We all knew this day would come, yet now that it is here I am still heartbroken, while that might sound a bit melodramatic I really could care less.  I was asked to write an article on my favorite memory at the rat, fitting seeing as I spend more time there than most employees, yet I do not believe one memory would do it justice.

Nonetheless, when I hear the question my mind always reverts back to Homecoming, Fall 2010.  The energy on campus was electric, the freshmen scampered to their classes with anticipation and my best friends and I were posted up in prime glider real estate right at opening at 11am.  As the first few pitchers were ordered and quickly torn through, I knew we were in for a day.  Clad in my two and a half foot Indian headdress and my favorite University of Miami Columbia Sportswear PGF shirt I knew we were in for an epic day.  People came and people went, the Rat was packed and the steel gates were in place with extra police officers everywhere.  For ten hours we observed, we partied, we played flip cup, watched the boats burn, saw the fireworks fly high and even heard Lauryn Hill from afar….for ten hours we enjoyed the most fun day of the year on campus from the most fun spot.  Our wallets took the brunt of the day, but it was well worth it.

After three years of living the dream, posted up at the Rat, I feel as though I have done my college career justice.  What pains me is that those that will come after me will never even have the chance.  The new Rat looks like a Chili’s Too at a modern airport terminal and the tradition the current Rat has will be forever lost.  RIP Rat-Always Loved, Forever Remembered.

Your Best Friend,

Nicholas John Turner

Honestly, how could there be just one memory at a place so integral to campus life. Eating great food and drinking great beer while rocking in my glider at the rat, the Rat has provided me with an abundance of great times and life lasting memories that I only wish the younger generations could have witnessed.”

-Nicholas Turner is a junior and is the President of the fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon.

“Everyone has been making a huge deal out of the Rat being torn down. They’ll miss going there every day. It’s a tradition. It’s unfair that it won’t be there.  It’s made me think about it lately. I’ve only been to the Rat a few times. It wasn’t anything spectacular. I did enjoy their comedy shows once or twice. And their spoken word Wednesdays were really great. I can’t say I’m as heartbroken as the rest of the school about this though. I think the new student center will be really amazing and I look forward to seeing it be built, but I do for see myself missing the Rat in the future. Because I will be moving off campus, the Rat would be the ideal meeting place for food with my on campus friends.  I will miss the events that are featured there, and some of the food was pretty good. I trust the administration though to make the Rat even better on the next round.”

-Natasha Tomchin is a freshman.