New pilates class challenges core muscles

Alyandra Castaneola, a freshman studying English, stretches during the pilates class at the Wellness Center on Wednesday. "I love the class," Castaneola said. Zoe Lu//The Miami Hurricane

Among the many perks of the recent Wellness Center expansion are the new pilates studio and equipment. Pilates is more than a workout routine, it is a skill that can help the mind gain control over muscles. Increased strength and fitness, stress reduction and even surgical rehabilitation are just some of the many benefits of practicing pilates regularly.

“It’s a very interesting activity,” said Norm Parsons, director of the Wellness Center. “We have five reformers in our pilates studio from the expansion and it’s a class that can be taken by students or other members here, part of what we call our ‘community class’ schedule.”

The Wellness Center is offering both reformer pilates classes and  mat pilates. Both classes offer their own distinct benefits. The difference is best described by Wellness Center instructor Deanndria Seavers.

“Reformer pilates support and challenge the core musculature,” Seavers said. “Mat pilates increase abdominal and back strength, flexibility and body-mind coordination.”

The cost of  mat pilates is $55 for a student and $69 for other members of the Wellness Center. The cost of the twice-a-week reformer pilates is $130 for students and $150 for members. The first session of summer pilates classes begins May 21 and ends July 1. The schedule for those classes will be online on Monday, May 9 and registration begins May 16. Registration for the second session of summer classes begins almost immediately afterwards on July 5 and classes begin on July 9 and end August 19.

During the April 30-May 20 intersession, the Wellness Center will be offering a “create a class” opportunity for those interested. Students and members will be able to choose available time slots to take a pilates class in small groups.

“Groups of three or more can request a class,” explains Melissa Jurado, Assistant Director of Group Exercise and Instructional Programs. “It’s a fixed price of $80 a class and anywhere from three to five people can take it so the more people who take it, the cheaper it becomes.”

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