Meanies in Miami need to learn their manners

It is a truth universally acknowledged that teenagers today don’t know how to act properly. It seems that just as time sheds pounds off electronics by making them more compact and advanced, time also trims down on people’s politeness.

What happened to the days of writing thank you cards to those who demonstrated random acts of kindness? Or to the days when people were simply polite to each other?

In a city teeming with diversity, a lack of a standard of etiquette may be the reason why people are so downright rude. Days when traits such as kindness and properness were king and queen, such as those displayed in Jane Austen’s novels, are long gone.

Miami was rated No. 4 rudest city in America by Travel + Leisure Magazine this year, so it’s no surprise that the city runs amuck with rude people.

Recently, I had a conversation with a person who was distributing propaganda. Without being asked for permission, a neighboring person pointed a video camera at me. I was deeply insulted that a stranger believed to have the inherent permission to simply record my ordinary conversation.

Perhaps I was simply born in the wrong era, but it’s time people start considering more politeness when interacting with others. Surely, there has to be some sort of code of etiquette taught around the world, and it’s time people start abiding by it.

Stephanie Parra is a freshman majoring in journalism and political science. She may be contacted at