Borscht film festival refreshes

If you did not go to Borscht, you had a disappointing Saturday night. You missed one hell of a film festival and one great after party.

The Knight Concert Hall at the Adrienne Arscht Center lit up with a hip young crowd of film lovers. Over three and a half hours, 23 short films were premiered.

About 20 of them were commissioned by Borscht for Borscht. The films ranged in topic, genre and length, anywhere between one minute and 20. But they all had one thing in common- they were shot in Miami, inspired by Miami or directed by Miami residents.

Some films were sobering and introspective. Others were saucy, ironic or funny. There was a film for every taste.

The top four were: “With Me,” “Play Dead,” “Chlorophyll” and “La Pageant Diva.” “With Me” followed a young woman who reconnects with her childhood in an attempt to feel whole again. “Play Dead” was about the survival of dogs during a Zombie apocalypse. “Chlorophyll” documented the reality of a failed relationship. “La Pageant Diva” focused on a beauty queen running the next generation of divas.

These films were refreshing and raw. It wasn’t all about the glitz and action, but more about real life. A lot of the films ended up being a social commentary, which was a breath of fresh air. It’s also amazing to see how tight-knit the art scene is in Miami. The festival and after party were intimate and warm with everyone mingling and congratulating each other.

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