Staff Editorial: Independence, Not Indifference

It’s a fact: The University of Miami is awesome.

People love us, people hate us, kids aspire to attend and we all have friends that are jealous of our college choice.

So why don’t we as a student body exhibit pride in our school? Students don’t go to sporting events; Hurricane Force has to incentivize students to attend. They don’t participate in activities like the yearbook. Only 800 people vote in SG elections. It seems people don’t get involved at all.

While UM’s diversity is a huge selling point, it may be partially responsible for our apathy. Different nationalities often segregate themselves, as do different religions, and residents and commuters. Being friendly to others on campus is seen as an oddity, and many people refrain from getting involved to avoid the inevitable awkwardness.

Campus activities and sporting events also compete with a vibrant city life. With so much going on at all times, it’s hard to attract people to a game unless the team is perennially winning. The city also encourages students to slack off in their schoolwork and spend their nights at the Grove instead of studying. Combine that with jobs and internships, and who has time for campus life?

Being in college is a major transition in a person’s life. It’s the first time we have real independence, and at the same time we have few real-world responsibilities. College is the perfect time in our lives to be apathetic, be selfish and do what we want. It’s our time to figure out who we are and what we want from life. If laziness is your thing, now’s the time to roll with it.

But just because we can be apathetic doesn’t necessarily mean we should. College is a time of almost endless opportunity, with more than 200 organizations, sports teams and Greek life to get involved with.

Even joining one club gives you the opportunity to learn new roles and skills, and helps make the college experience a well-rounded one. Don’t remain stagnant just because it’s easy. Anyone can wear the logo, but it takes a special person to be the U. You’re here- take advantage!

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