Memoirs of Freshman Year

It seems like only a few months ago when my parents and I were lugging all my belongings through the crowded Stanford/Hecht parking lot.

It was move-in day, and as I looked around, all the other students looked exactly like I felt: scared, excited, anxious, and above all, happy to finally be in college. I couldn’t believe it was finally here, the moment that I had dreamed about all my life. I was in college, and that meant freedom, knowledge, new friends and so much more.

At first, everything was so new that it overwhelmed me. I had never met so many people at once, I had never asked for directions so often and I certainly had never been completely in charge of my own life.

I quickly came to realize that college wasn’t everything I had imagined. Sure, I had seen plenty of movies that portrayed college life as an endless stream of frat parties, sleepless nights and cramming before huge exams. At first, I really struggled to keep up with both my classes and my social life. But soon enough, like most other people, I found my balance. I also befriended some of the most amazing people I have ever met. In fact, I’m still surprised at how strongly my friendships in college formed, but I suppose that comes hand in hand with living in such close proximity.

As the months progressed, I found myself missing high school less and less, and loving my newfound life at the university. During breaks, I counted down the days until I could return to the dorms- to my home. My friends here had become my family, the campus my world. I had never been so happy.

And just like that, all the novelty and excitement of freshman year was over. As I look back with nostalgia, there is nothing that I would do differently. I worked hard in school, was active in clubs, found a great group of friends and lived my life just as I had always wanted to. And now I am ready to face the challenges and new discoveries of sophomore year. As a final note to all incoming freshmen, buckle up for the time of your life!

Niloufar Abae is a freshman who is undeclared. She may be contacted at