Letter to the Editor: Is Dear V worth it?

Dear Editor,

Every time the Hurricane is published I am usually very impressed by the articles being produced by my student contemporaries. That feeling of pride lasts all the way up until I reach the “Dear V” section of the paper.

Upon reaching his opinion page I usually suppress the urge to drop out of UM in an attempt to disassociate myself from the obnoxious stupidity that V writes. I mean really, how can a paper that is trying to be a respectable and informative cornerstone of the UM community allow such a chauvinistic display ignorance to be published in it.

The articles usually make me feel sick at the notion that young, impressionable students are reading his articles and not giving them a second thought. I am male and I am embarrassed to be associated with the fact that we share a common gender. Men usually get a reputation for being insensitive and sexist and articles like this not only perpetuate this stereotype but also seem to endorse it. I am extremely disappointed in the Hurricane for allowing these opinion sections get through the editing process.

Seriously, we live in the 21st century and it might be time to consider the possibility that hyper-masculine, bro on bro romance should go away. In his most recent article V told his correspondent “victim of a ballsnatcher” to “screw that chick” who apparently had the audacity to climax during a moment of sexual intercourse. These two dim witted UM students apparently can’t get their heads around the fact that a woman wants to get off just as much as a man and to condemn her for that is hypocrisy that is staggering at this point in human history. I think that it is an utter lack of taste on the part of UM to endorse this type of so-called journalism.

In conclusion, if you want to be taken seriously aspiring journalists of the Hurricane, start producing a paper that doesn’t give columns to any run of the mill, over privileged, ignorant male that asks for one.

A concerned student